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Adjustable Bed Bases From USA

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Twin   XL Size $1360
Twin   XL Size $1750
Twin   XL Size $2000
Double XL Size $1500
Double XL Size $1850
Double XL Size $2100
Queen     Size $1650
Queen     Size $1950
Queen     Size $2200
King      Size
King      Size
King      Size

Important Things You Should Know When You Buy A Mattress


Gone are the days when a mattress had to be hard as a board to be good for you. A too-hard mattress may only succeed in putting your shoulders and hips to sleep. Don’t rely on product labels to tell you which mattress will give you the right support.

One manufacturer’s 'firm' may feel harder than another’s 'extra firm'. The only way to find out if the support is right is to lay down and try. Make sure the bed helps you feel cradled in comfort, cozy and secure.


A mattress and foundation are engineered to work together as a set, and the foundation takes a lot of the nightly wear and tear and contributes to the bed's overall comfort and support


Correct support is the essential ingredient for a healthy body. A good mattress and foundation will gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same shape as a person with good standing posture.

Pay special attention to your shoulders, hips, and lower back-the major pressure points. A mattress is fitted to the customer to ensure proper support to eliminate the possibility of back pain.

Sleep Space

Cramped quarters can turn sleeping into a nightly wrestling match. A healthy sleeper moves anywhere from 40-60 times a night, including some dozen full body turns.

If you sleep with a partner, be sure to select queen or king size. Both are not only wider, but several inches longer than the standard ”double“ (full size), which offers each sleeper only as much space as a baby in a crib.

Good Sleep is Important

Sleep debt can cost you. Does it often take you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night? Do you wake up frequently during the night or too early in the morning, and have a hard time going back to sleep? Do you feel groggy and lethargic when you wake in the morning?

Consider... a person who loses one night's sleep will generally be irritable clumsy during the next day and will either become tired easily or speed up because of adrenalin. After missing two night's sleep, a person will have problems concentrating and will begin to make mistakes on normal tasks.

Three missed nights and a person will start to hallucinate and lose grasp of reality.Sleep is one of life's little necessities. Quality sleep is essential for good health. It can optimize your physical, mental emotional well-being. The sleep you get at night has a significant impact on your energy, mood and productivity during the day. One of the key ingredients to quality sleep is a comfortable and supportive mattress.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses

Simmons Bedding Company

Simmons has been one of the top mattress manufacturers with constant technological innovations in mattress industry for over 140 years. Simmons has been the leader in the pocket coil technology for years. The durability and quality of it's pocket coils are unmatched.

Simmons Beautyrest

The Beautyrest is the main collection of Simmons mattresses. This legendary collection is famous and known as balling ball or do not disturb mattresses. That is when one person tosses and turns on a Beautyrest mattress the affects of that is minimal to none. So the motion trasnfer is virtually non existent.

Because each coil is individually wrapped and would comform to your body shape. Therefore you can be assured to get a very stable and comfortable sleep and best support on Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. It is ideal for couples but that doesn't mean that someone sleeping alone can't enjoy it. Because you will still get the comfort and support you are looking for.

Beautyrest Black

The most luxurious collection in Beautyrest is called Black collection. These mattresses have the most number of coils and the most amount of steel per mattress than any other Simmons Beautyrest or even in the market.

Beautyrest AirCool Technology

The latest technological innovation by Simmons is called Recharge. It is a mattress that gives you the best support of pocket coils and cool comfortable sleep of AirCool memory foam. This innovation was the direct result of market research done by Simmons in the last year or so. In response to people's concern regading the excess heat when sleeping on a mattress, Simmons invented the recharge technology which focuses on a sound, smart and comfortable sleep.

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Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses

Titanium Alloy Coils

At the core of every Sealy Posturepedic lies the support system. Made from titanium alloy for extra strength, the revolutionary Sealy Posturepedic coil is engineered to provide the perfect balance of conformance and support for everybody. It has a unique graduated response. First it senses the body's wait and responds with initial conforming support. Then it provides the extra deep down correct support the body needs.

Core Support Center

Together with the innovated Miracle Edge system it is the next generation of the kind of deep down support that only Sealy Posturepedic delivers. The unique ComfortCore is a high density layer in a center third of the mattress. With additional quilting points in the top layer it moulds and conforms to the important lower back area, where it is needed most. In addition, the knitRight handles provide easy gripping points.

DuraFlex Foundation

Every Sealy mattress is supported by the DuraFlex foundation. Steel modules inside the foundation functiuon as shock absorber, therefore allowing your mattress to last longer. The StayTight cover is a rubberized fabric that grips sheets to help keep them in place. So it is easier to make the bed every morning. Remember you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. With correct support and amazing comfort Sealy Posturepedic feels like no other mattress.

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Bedroom Furniture

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